Our people

Out at the front

Lead Photographer / MD
Charles ha s bags of experience and loves chatting through ideas.
Lead Photographer / MD

Charles Sturge

The Lead Photographer and managing director of CPL. He’s been commissioned by the Times, Telegraph and New York Times, had a film broadcast by National Geographic, Toured with the Black Eyed Peas. He’s the person to chat with if you’re thinking of hiring us for a shoot. Call: +44 (0)20 77375509

Have a snoop: www.charlessturge.com

Freelance assistant
We call Gertruda, G.
Freelance assistant

Gertruda Varnaite

Affectionately known to us as G, Gertruda is a fashion photographer and freelance photographers asistant, helps us on shoots and sometimes covers shoots for us. G often fills the part of stylist and has a keen eye for detail.

Take a peek: http://www.gertrudavarnaite.com/


Behind the scenes

Lara Sturge

Our finance director; works part time to keeping the company in order. Lara doesnt chat with clients but she’s an incredible organiser of all things and you can rest easy knowing she’s in the background.

John and Jan Glover (JGCA Ltd)

John Glover Chartered Accountant is the husband and wife firm that have been managing our accounts from the beginning. We are quite sure that two more honest and lovely people you will never meet.